From a 3v3 with Doubledown/Buttsquadron on Trondheim. In 1986, with the war dragging on, the Soviets desperately needed a breakthrough in order to force NATO back to Oslo. A town called Trondheim was chosen as the target, with elements from the 43rd Mechanized, 31st Armored, and the 65th Guards moving to flank NATO forces. A French force was called into action, attempting to cut the Soviets off and prevent the encirclement of over ten NATO divisions. The Soviets broke through after an hour of continuous fighting, forcing the French back after over three-fourths of their force had been destroyed.

1. The 43rd’s assaulting column opens firing on overhead Mirage jets. The two planes went down from Strela-10M missiles after being peppered with 23mm rounds.

2. A BMP-2 OBR 1986 opens fire on rapid-response troops that had tried to occupy the only river crossing in Trondheim. They successfully pushed French forces out, setting up a Soviet firebase that was attacked multiple times through the fighting.

3. One-hundred men, the vast majority of the 43rd’s infantry component, advances through the woods. They were nearly wiped out, save a few men who surrendered. However, they killed over triple their number in French troops.

4. Hill 452, where the majority of the fighting took place. The Hill was subjected to over thirty mortar strikes, seven airstrikes, and three napalm bombardments throughout the battle. Aerial observers nicknamed it “The Torch.”

5. BMP-2 OBR 1986’s advance up the left side of Hill 453, which bordered Hill 452. They, along with Soviet forces from the 65th, managed to kill over twenty French tanks before being forced to fall back, down the hill.

6. Men from the 43rd open fire on AMX-10P’s and AMX-13 Harpons with RPG-7V2’s. These men were part of Task Force Alfa. Bravo was eliminated by Mortars ten minutes earlier, while Charlie was currently engaging men from the French Foreign Legion behind Alfa.

7. Alfa is completely cut off, engaging FFL troops at point-blank range, eventually resorting to bayonets and using their rifles like clubs. However, after fighting their way out, a misplaced air strike called in by the 65th killed all but four men, who quickly surrendered.

8. A 9K111 FAGOT missile team rests, having fired the entirety of their missiles. They managed to disable the air net of the the French for a short time, allowing the Soviet air force to engage ground targets with extreme prejudice.

9. Mi-24D Hinds and Mi-28 Havocs rest, waiting for the call to assault the enemy via their Western flank- a call that never came, thanks to the timely retreat of French forces.

10. An Su-25 on a strafing run on Hill 453. The Su-25 accounted for 5 tank kills, amount to over a fourth of the 43rd’s tank kills in the battle. Amazingly, the pilot survived, along with the plane, although the airframe was hit by ten 30mm rounds.

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